Special d2 Conference Cutout Collection

d2The d2 Conference is fast approaching. This year, the d2 Conference sold out almost a month beforehand. With all the speakers announced, the schedule in place, now it’s just time to get excited and have a great time in Vienna.

With that in mind, we cannot wait to attend. Instead of just having a table and showing our entourage to all the attendees, we’re adding something new and exciting! Our team will have a photography booth set up, with the help of the d2 team—Christian, Jason, and Fabio. Our professional photographer will be on site and ready to take photos for a Special d2 Collection.

Special d2 Collection: Visit our booth. Strike a pose.

With the same high-quality standards, we will collect photos of everyone who wants to come by. We will mask the images and form a unique conference edition, special d2 collection. As a treat to all attendees, this collection will be available for a free download.

We’re excited to see this come to fruition after all the planning. We look forward to the fun and informative conference next week. Please come dressed with smiles!

Visit the conference website for more information about the d2 Conference: vienna.d2conferences.com.

Are you planning to attend? Let us know, so we can look for you!

Credit: Photo of our local studio space.