New Collections Now Available

New Collections Now Available for Purchase

We built off our successful debut collections. So, we’re excited to announce the release of new collections. We increased the number of scenarios to help add variety to your library.

Our Lifestyle category now has a retail collection. These cutouts are ready to visit the local coffee shops, luxury boutiques, and everything in between.

Our Workplace category now has a healthcare collection and a business casual collection (Business 02). Our healthcare cutouts feature actors dressed in scrubs or lab coats, working with patients or in a lab. These cutouts are ready to get the job done well. Our business casual collection is the second in our business series. The first collection has actors in formal attire. For this collection, we targeted the modern casual office that more offices are becoming. When looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, while still achieving the necessary professionalism, this collection is perfect.

Place these great cutouts into your architectural renderings or your architectural illustrations and drawings.

VIZUTIL entourage are designed for the design industry, such as architectural firms, 3D visualization studios, and photographers. You create stunning visuals. You love to show off the great architectural details and designs of your renderings and illustrations. We created VIZUTIL to supplement these great creations. Our cutouts help to make your images look lively and lived in, the way you’ll experience these places once they’re created. That’s why our actors dress in modern clothing and interact with others. We create diverse and authentic cutouts so you can easily add them to any project.

As always, you can view the PDF catalogs for these collections by visiting our shop page. Likewise, you can download the new freebies available from these collections.

More about VIZUTIL

VIZUTIL is a content provider for the architectural visualization design market. We create dynamic, high impact entourage for digital design projects. In addition to the superior quality of the cut-outs that we offer, VIZUTIL is a pioneer in terms of representing men and women of all ages and ethnicities. We love hearing what you have to say and seeing how you use our cutouts. Do you want to see more product updates from us and see how others have used our cutouts? Connect with us on social media or visit our gallery.