VIZUTIL Fact Sheet & Bio


VIZUTIL is a collaboration of creative, passionate architectural visualizers, artists and photographers who recognized a need in the digital world for culturally diverse, naturally posed, high quality entourage.

Based on their extensive experience, they created VIZUTIL, featuring finely crafted and exceptionally masked images.

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VIZUTIL Fact Sheet

What: Dynamic, high impact entourage for digital design projects.

Why:  Adds contemporary, realistic detail to architectural renderings, graphic designs, computer illustration and photography.

Who:  Designed for the architecture, visualization and design industries.

Product Features

  • Modern, Culturally Diverse
  • Men and women of all ages and ethnicities.
  • Naturally posed and dressed in modern clothing.
  • Depicted in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Available in Several Environments

Up to 3000 professionally photographed images available three different environments:

  • Business: Ideal for corporate settings.
  • Business Casual: Ideal for the modern workplace.
  • Healthcare: Entourage for hospitals or pharmaceutical lab spaces.
  • Lifestyle Casual: Casually dressed for any relaxed environment.
  • Going Out: Entourage for restaurant, club or nightlife environments.
  • Retail: Ideal in any location, from cafés to luxury boutiques.

Superior Quality

  • High resolution.
  • Available in PNG and JPEG formats.
  • Available in both direct and ambient lighting options.


  • Photographed naturally.
  • Display realistic facial expressions.
  • Can be seamlessly placed into projects.
  • Royalty-Free
  • Free and clear to use in commercial projects.